Numbers/Letters must be Reflective and a minimum four (4) inches in height.

(Commercial Buildings must have minimum six (6) inch Numbers/Letters)

The color of the numbers/letters shall be in sharp contrast to their background.

Can be placed on both sides of mailbox or post at end of driveway.

Can be placed on main house if within 20 feet of road.

Cannot be placed on doors or separate garages.

Must be placed within twenty (20) feet of road, on the front of the property.

Must be clearly visible so that it can be seen from either direction while driving.

For Your Information.

Gary W. Amerbach

Code Enforcement Officer

Signage is available and can be purchased for $15.00, unless special requirements are requested, from the Sparrowbush Fire Department.  For more information, please call 845.856.5047 and leave a message