Tuesday, August 30, 2011 – 11 AM

1. FEMA has declared Orange County a Disaster Area last night and we are now eligible for local assistance funding. This funding is for mostly public infrastructure and does not include private property. I have put together a sheet with information provided by Senator Bonacic on steps to contact your insurance company to file a claim.

2. The intersection of Black Rock Trail/Painted Apron Terrace is in MAJOR disrepair. Our highway department will be trying to open up storm drains today and in the next few days will be working to divert the water. Orange and Rockland will also be around to assess damage and take appropriate steps. We will provide updates soon.

3. Neversink Drive by Painted Apron Development is CLOSED until further notice. The road is compromised in this area and is unsafe for travel. Please use Route 209 to get through town.

4. Our Emergency Operations Center is still open and can be reached at 845-856-3911. Please report any further power outages, road problems, flooding, or emergencies.

5. Special thanks to Mr. Ray Jagos of Middletown, Lobo Distributors (ShopRite), Kmart and WalMart for donating pallets of bottled water to our residents. If you need bottled water, it is available at Town Hall.

6. We are still working with the County and Orange and Rockland to get Dry Ice for areas affected with no electricity. As soon as I get an update, I will let everyone know.

7. Please be careful when driving on Peenpack Trail. Part of the road by the “S” turn is compromised.

8. The Big Pond Rd Bridge has been washed out and travel through that part of the road is not possible. Residents on the other side of Big Pond Rd. (near 60 Big Pond Rd and north), need to drive on Franke Road and down Prospect Hill Rd to get to Route 209.

9. The temporary shelter at ASK is still open, however, it may be shutting down later today as power is slowly restored to the area. We will update you on this as soon as possible.

10. Please be courteous to all road crews by slowing down when driving past them. It is against the law to disobey the direction of a flag person. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!

11. Orange and Rockland has is continuously working around the clock to restore power to residents. Please be patient as they are working as fast as possible to correct the problem. Power should be fully restored at the latest by Friday.

12. Further updates will be available at the EOC by calling 845-856-3911, our town hall phone system at 845-856-2210, our web site at, or our Facebook page at “Town of Deerpark, Orange County, NY”.

KARL A. BRABENEC, Deerpark Town Supervisor